Inspiration for the Most Important Date

October 24, 2017


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So you’ve found someone you like, you’ve asked them out and they’ve said yes. The hardest part is over right? Wrong! The biggest obstacle to any relationship is the first date. It has to be good enough that you have plenty of time to talk and find out about each other, but also special enough that you’ll each want to go on a second date. All too often, people make the mistake of thinking a trip to the movies is the ideal first date as it isn’t too formal, and you can be nice and relaxed. That’s a great idea in theory, but you spend the entire date in silence, or worse, you make a socially awkward, cheesy move. To avoid those pitfalls, and increase your chances of getting another date, check out some of the his secret obsession book first date ideas.

Brunch – it’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it offers an informal setting for you to get to know one another. The best part about brunch is, if it’s going well you have plenty of time to extend the date into the evening; especially if you combine it with some of our other ideas.

Geocaching – if money is a problem, then this low cost date could be for you. All you need is a free signup to the geocaching website, and a GPS enabled phone. Then you simply find a nice romantic spot to go for a walk, and whilst out pick up some geocaches. It couldn’t be simpler, yet it definitely makes a date one to remember. Just make sure you’re both dressed appropriately; formal dinner attire and a romantic walk aren’t a good combination!

Cookery class – taking a cookery class together is actually a lot of fun. There’s plenty of time to talk (well what else are you going to do whilst your creation is in the oven?), you get to learn a new skill, and the second date follows on seamlessly as you try and re-create what you’ve learnt at your house. Try and pick a class that is a style of cooking you both like to eat.

Bowling – it’s an old favorite for a reason! Informal, plenty of opportunity to laugh and a little competition to release some of the pre-date nerves. Try and pick an alley that has some old-school charm to it, or one that isn’t too noisy. You still need to be able to hear each other.

Picnic – either at the park, or at the beach, a picnic shows that you’re willing to put some effort in. Make it extra special by positioning your picnic to get a fantastic view of the sunset, or some evening stargazing, and you’re almost guaranteed a second date.

The most important thing to remember when picking somewhere for a first date is it has to be suitable to both of you. It shouldn’t need pointing out, but if your date is a vegetarian then a meat feast restaurant isn’t a great idea! Wherever you pick, make sure your date is happy with the suggestion. If they don’t sound sure, then there’s a whole extra hurdle to get past before you can show them whilst you’re worthy of a second date and a relationship.

Getting Started With Yoga

July 12, 2017


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Yoga has immense benefits on both health and personal growth. Not knowing how to start doing it has the effect of preventing many people from adopting it. This should not be the case as with little guidance it is easy to get started. After you decide to get started, finding the right materials and time to have yoga sessions is all you need.

Finding the right Style

Many yoga styles exist and finding the right one requires a deep understanding of one self. Two main factors should be considered in this self-understanding journey, character and physique. If you have an athletic physique and you are of good health physically demanding yoga is the best for you. This includes; Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, and hot Yoga. On the other hand, if you are not in the best physical shape then Yoga that involves slow movements will be best for you. These include; Hatha which involves slow and calm movements and restorative yoga where you stay in one position supported for a long time.

Some types of yoga are based on principles. Anusura emphasizes on having positive energy and being kind to everyone. If you base your life on being good to all creatures, this will be a good style to start with. On top of that, Kripalu is another form of yoga based on spirituality. It is done together with meditation. Here a lot of emphases is put on body and mind connection.

Once you have settled on a style you are half way there. Make effort not to rush this process as getting it right simplifies everything.

Preparing for Your Sessions

The next step is to assemble the right tools. It is necessary to either purchase a yoga DVD or pay for yoga classes. DVD’s are for doing yoga at home. It is important to ensure the DVD you purchase has step by step instructions and is the type of yoga you want. Yoga classes are offered in gyms and fitness clubs in most states. You can easily find such facilities online and on local magazines. In this case, you will contact the head of the facility to find if they offer your style and the cost of lessons.

The right clothing is everything in yoga. Shorts, loose pants and stretchable t-shirts give you the best results. Shoes are not necessary for yoga as it is done barefooted. However, carrying light rubber shoes is good practice as they are easier to carry around after the session.

A sticky yoga mat is necessary for optimum sessions. It has to be sticky to ensure you do not slip when you start sweating. As a mat defines your space, be sure to find the right size depending on your height. If you are not able to buy one do not give up. Most yoga studios rent out mats at a small fee for the entire session.

Depending on the yoga style different special tools may be required. They include blankets and blocks for support, straps for stretching out to positions you are not able to reach, and props for proper body positioning. You do not have to buy this though unless you want to do yoga at home. They are available at the studios at no cost.

Knowing what to expect in a yoga session leads to faster learning. It will ensure you quickly get comfortable with the unfamiliar setting. In a studio, all the mats are aligned facing the same direction. The teacher’s mat is usually on a raised area. Before the session starts all students are required to sit in a cross-legged position and await instructions. Chanting and breathing exercises start the session. This is then followed by warm up and light exercises. The main part involves physically exerting exercises. Most sessions eventually end with relaxation and massage.


If you have decided to start Yoga, identify the right style and purchase the necessary equipment. Set aside time for your sessions and enjoy every single moment.

How to Lose Weight and Stay fit

July 11, 2017

Weight Loss

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Ask anyone their target for this summer and you might be surprised at the number of people that want to lose weight and look good in their swimwear. Weight loss is a very common obsession among people considering that two out of every three adults in America are either overweight or obese. The statistics are overwhelming and it is easy to understand why weight loss related keywords are among the most searched on Google.

Losing weight is considered by some to be a very difficult endeavor with some going as far as making it seem impossible. Losing weight is not impossible, it is just a process that requires consistency and determination in order to succeed. If you were to speak to all those who succeeded in losing weight, the common theme you would hear, would be the will to never give up.

To succeed at weight loss, you must first tune your mind and motivate yourself to never give up. The mind is the most important organ in any weight loss program. Starting a weight loss routine is easy but the difficult part is staying motivated enough to follow a daily routine. Go to any gym in January and will see a lot of people working out and the honest truth is that, most quit before January even ends. Beneath all the excuses, the main reason why most quit is just a case of lost motivation.

After tuning your mind, the next step is to plan and start a workout program. Working out is one of the most fundamental ways of losing weight. There are several types of workouts that focus on weight loss. It is important to find the type or routine that best suits you and stick to it.

The next step after workouts is eating healthy. Healthy eating and healthy eating habits are very important in any weight loss program with some even viewing it to be more important than workouts. A balanced low calorie diet that is eaten at the right time, provides the body with the needed nutrients that it requires to stay healthy and by adding this to any workout routine yields amazing results. Eating one healthy meal will not make you healthy and therefore there is the need to be consistency in this area.

The final part of any weight loss program is patience. It takes a while for your body to start changing when you begin a weight loss program. The effects of your weight loss program may been seen in about four weeks and your overall target may be reached within a much longer time frame.

It is important to remain focused and to be consistent in any weight loss program before you can finally see your desired change.