About Us

Deciding to eat a vegetarian diet often brings new circumstances to your life. First of all, face the fear of what to eat if you give up meat and fish. Also how to do it so as not to have nutritional deficiencies, how to combine foods, new ingredients that you don’t know how to integrate in your dishes or where to find them.

On the other hand, you may have to listen to the typical myths about calcium, proteins, the scarce variety or taste of vegetarian food.

Just the thought of going out to eat makes it impossible for you. What can I ask in the usual bar if they think that the vegetable sandwich has tuna, egg and cheese?

Maybe you won’t find support in your family and they think you’re a freak for not eating ham or maybe your grandmother thinks it’s a diet you follow to lose weight …

These and other circumstances may occur in your new stage as a veggie. We’ve been living those moments for years. Essential Nutrition was born as a result of these experiences. The place where you can find vegan recipes, ideas to eat daily, vegetarian restaurants … You can also join our virtual community, signing up for free in the newsletter that we prepare with love.

“The food you eat can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

We help people improve their quality of life and live more consciously, giving them tools to listen to their physical and emotional needs. We do this because we want to sow a seed of love in the world starting with oneself through food.

Nutrition is the involuntary organic act by which we assimilate nutrients to have the energy necessary for maintenance or development of the body.

To eat is the voluntary act of ingesting food in order to obtain the necessary energy. The good thing about being a volunteer is that we can modify it in our favor. We have great capacity of action in the feeding. Eating habits have a fundamental role in our health and can be created new when we have a clear purpose.

Find a way to have a balanced, vegan diet.

In our website you will find resources to be able to eat healthier, in a vegetable way and without deficiencies. Take steps, at your own pace and without self-imposed rules, towards a vegetable diet.

We help you to achieve it through our courses, ebooks and programs. We put our experience and tools at your disposal to facilitate the transition to the lifestyle you want.