Best online jobs to make money in 2018

With the advance of the Internet and technological improvements, in recent years different forms of employment or activities have emerged to earn money with a common feature: they arise on the Internet and are developed online.

Is it feasible to make money online?

This is probably the question you will ask yourself when you read an article like this. As with everything else, earning considerable sums of money is complicated unless you work a lot and put in a lot of hours and effort – have you ever seen the typical video, webinar or article that promises you the magic formula to get rich, for example, with a blog? In case you still doubted it, they’re not going to give you anything and they’re not going to give you a magic formula to make you a billionaire.

If you really want to launch a business or generate a way of working online that gives you a living, you’re going to have to work hard and be very consistent in your tasks. Depending on the hours you spend on it, you can get more or less compensation for your efforts. It is not the same to dedicate 8 hours a day as 1, so it depends on your availability.

The best work options on the Internet

1. Creation and management of a blog

This is one of the most promoted online money earning options in recent years. The first weblog emerged in 1993 but it was not until 4 years later that the term was coined and around 10 years later that they began to gain popularity and become a relevant channel for transmitting information. The creation and publication in blogs became a case study in the faculties of Journalism and Communication. Shortly after, when online advertising emerged, they were identified as a form of business.

Today, making money with a blog is easier than it was then, but there is more competition. The idea is to create a niche blog, i.e. one dedicated to a specific topic, create content constantly and optimize keywords to help you position it among the first results (if you don’t have the necessary knowledge, you can start with the course Shoot your visits from Dean Romero where they explain step by step how to create one). Some ways to make money with your blog are the following:

Google Adsense. A platform that allows you to monetize your blog thanks to web traffic. The complication? If you don’t have a lot of web traffic, you’re not going to make a decent amount of money. And getting traffic, it’s pretty complicated.

Marketing and affiliate methods. Affiliate marketing is a branch of online marketing based on achieving results by advertising merchants or companies through ads within a single blog. When a person buys through your own logbook, you get a percentage of that purchase. In this method, the affiliation of hostings, online courses, themes for blogs stands out.

Publication of sponsored posts. Talk on your blog about a specific product or company, usually by linking to its website. There are external platforms that put people who want to make money by writing on their blog in touch with companies that want to advertise and get links. The best known and working ones are Corbis and Publishes.

2. Sell ebooks, info products and online courses

Training is one of the best businesses today. If we look for online job options in this sector we are also lucky because online courses and education products are very much in vogue. As with the blog, this type of job also requires many hours of dedication behind it.

When I speak of an info product, I am referring to a digital training product aimed at helping and training other users of the network, always based on their own experiences and in-depth knowledge of a specific subject. An ebook, a workbook, and practical tests, templates or an audiobook are some of the formats that can be considered info products.

A training ebook can be sold online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In other words, there is the possibility of a purchase at any time. In order to get a reward for the different info products, it is very important that they have a website and that advertising is applied to achieve a minimum of results.

3. Investing and mining cryptom coins

Crypto coins or cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange. The first was bitcoin and this has been followed by others such as Etherum, Ripple, Litecoin or Dogecoin. Bitcoin has already had its high point and if you had the opportunity to acquire a certain amount of this virtual coin some years ago, you may have had the opportunity to do so.

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