Hygiene, relaxation, motivation.

without which it would be difficult for anyone who actively practices any sport to get away. In the first part, you will read about a very important aspect of not only sport but also everyday life – personal hygiene. Further entries will be devoted to rest and regeneration and motivation for training.

Personal hygiene is an important part of human life, with which each of us meets – or at least should meet – on a daily basis. Proper care of personal hygiene allows not only to protect the body against infections, germs or bacteria but also has a positive effect on mood and psychophysical condition.

Here the issue is generally known and understood, although probably many of you have had unpleasant situations in public places, means of communication and the like with people who are standing on the paint with hygiene. The same is true for sports training, and especially for combat sports. After all, contact sport is not only about sweat, but also about blood, and it’s a little easier to “catch a siren” on the mat than on the pitch or on the dance floor.

That is why it is worth paying special attention to the state of your hygiene and to publicize the subject from time to time among colleagues from the club or among friends. Let us remember that health is a very valuable value. After each training let’s remember about a shower, using warm water, soap, and shampoo, preferably antibacterial. Flip-flops to move around the club/bedroom/ changing rooms are also important.

Cover all minor wounds, abrasions or skin lesions not with clothing, but with a bandage or slice whenever possible and small enough not to require resignation from training. Let’s also take care of the equipment – after every Gi training, you should wash it, the same is true with rashguard or shorts. It is also advisable to wash the wipers and protectors, or if it is not possible to clean or rinse them. In the club where you train it is worth to make sure that the showers/showers are clean or the mats are disinfected regularly.

There is also a lot of personal protective equipment available on the market at the moment that is worth using. They are not expensive products, so it is worth paying attention to them. Ultimately, we protect ourselves and others, and when we compare the cost of medicines or antibiotics in the event of infections or infections, we will still spend relatively little.

The agents mentioned are, for example, antibacterial gels for hands that we use without the use of water. Special crayons for cuts and small cuts. Disinfectant gels or sprays for jaw protectors, which can be replaced by special antibacterial packaging for mouth protectors.

You must also be fair to yourself and to others. If you see a visible skin infection in your clubmate, it’s better not to make a scandal but to take your colleague aside and talk to them. Similarly, in the case of any skin lesion or visible symptoms of infection, we should let go of training and go to a specialist immediately. It is not worth risking your health and that of your colleagues, and an infection should not be a reason for shame.

The collection of a few of the above tips can be trivial and obvious to many of you. However, it is better to mention health issues several times than to neglect them. If you have your own interesting solutions concerning hygiene in sport or questions – please feel free to comment. In the next part of the entry, we will discuss the subject of rest and regeneration.

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