Top 4 Healthy Foods You Should be Consuming

Food is an essential part of everyday life because it provides the energy we need to go by our daily routines without the body shutting down. As far as healthy foods goes, there are plenty of them out them with some promoting a healthy life and weight loss however, the key is to have a balanced diet. Below are 4 healthy foods you should be eating every day.

1. Kale

First on the list in Kale and this is one of the most underrated greens out there and contain plenty of nutrients. There is a high content of vitamin K and vitamin C which doctors recommend needs to be taken every day. Kale can steamed or cooked the same way as cabbage, asparagus and spinach. You can also put it in a blender and make a healthy smoothie out of it.

2. Wheat Germ

Many people are not aware of just good wheat germ is for their bodies. It is rich in very important nutrients like Zinc, vitamin E, thiamine, Magnesium, Folic acid and Phosphorus. Anyone looking for some good fiber into their system need to turn to Wheat Germ and it also contains some fatty acids.

3. Lentils

Lentils are commonly used in dishes found in countries like Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bhutan. Although this food does take a very long to cook, the seeds however can easily be sprouted and they taste wonderful. Next time you are thinking of a healthy snack, consider adding lentils to your picnic basket or lunch box. You will not regret the decision.

4. Brazil nuts

If you are looking for the healthiest nuts in the world, Brazil nuts are the best nuts you will ever have in your life. Brazil nuts are a good source of Zinc, Magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B-1. Apart from having the nutrients mentioned above, there is also one secret ingredient found in this food which is a very high amount of selenium. For those who do not know much about selenium, it is a very important mineral which helps maintain thyroid function. For an excellent, healthy and nutritious meal, make these nuts an option if you are into healthy eating.

Eating the healthy foods mentioned above can do wonders for the body in making sure you are healthy however, one does not have to focus on only one type of food. You need to have a balanced diet and can include something to your morning tea. There is nothing wrong with having a treat here and there just as long as it forms part of your everyday health diet.